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"Hello, my name is Dominic Birch, I'm a Music & Sound Recording Graduate of the University of York. I have worked with serveral ensembles over the past years while in York - Not only being elected Chair of the University's Concert Band, but also being elected their Condcutor (2019-2020), I have had a wonderful opportunity to lead the University's Concert Orchestra (2022), and even conducted an Opera for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society (2022). Coming back to Rugby, I wanted to keep facilitating others in the creation of music as I had been doing while away, and therefore have started Rugby Town Concert Band - helping people bring music to the community."

- Dominic Birch, Founder

Our Aims

For us, we want to provide a warm and welcoming society, avaliable to anyone who wants to learn, grow, and give it their best shot. We would also like to share it with the wider community by putting on concerts throughout the year, to show off what we have been able to accomplish.

What to Expect

Each rehearsal will start with a 15 minute warm-up: working on breathing exercises, tuning, and to give an opportunity to ask any questions. The bulk of the rehearsal will be 2 hours long where we will be working on repertoire (with a 15 minute break halfway through). The rehearsal will run from 6:15pm until 8:45pm on a Sunday Evening.

The society will be built upon a principle of learning as a group, and to try and bring out the best in one another. With an emphasis of being a safe and welcoming space, where questions are welcomed, and stepping outside one's box is encouraged but not forced.

This term will be slightly unusal as it is the first time this band has ever played, and so it will be a bit of a learning process before things can run smoothly. We are working hard behind the scenes so it shouldn't be too rocky. So far you can look forward to playing: 'The Lion King', 'Second Suite in F', 'Buenaventura', and a Christmas piece - with many more pieces to be added.

This might be what I've been looking for...

If this sounds interesting to you, whether you have an instrument in a cupboard that you've always wanted a reason to play, or have been playing for a while and want to find a group to challenge you, please sign up using the form below where you'll be invited to the first rehearsal.

Since we are a new society, you'll be able to have a say in how everything is run, and after the first rehearsal if you feel like it isn't for you, don't fret, we'll remove you from the mailing list and that'll be that.

Too good to be true?

While we do want to be accessible as possible, there will unfortunately be a membership fee of £30 per term (around 10 weeks, with 3 terms in a year). This should cover the cost of booking the hall, printing music, and general admin costs. Of course, our aim first and foremost is to give as many people the opportunity to try out first. So every musician will be allowed to come to rehearsals free of charge for a few weeks to see whether it's right for them.

Any issues with paying, or any other problems can be discussed with us discretely, and we can try and arrange something! Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy music with others, no matter who they are.

Hope to see you there!